ENVI SARscape Module allows you to easily process and analyze SAR data acquired from all existing spaceborne and selected airborne platforms. It generates products, while giving you the option to integrate this information with other geospatial products. This unique data analysis capability takes your data from hard-to-interpret numbers, to meaningful, contextual information


Use ENVI Modules to quickly and easily perform highly-specialized tasks that require advanced image analysis tools

ENVI Crop Science Agricultural operations work on razor thin margins. One key to profitability is being able to use the minimum amount of crop inputs while simultaneously maximizing yields. This is often easier said than done since conventional field inspection methods are time consuming and inefficient. Missing a small area of pest or insect infestation can result in a big loss come harvest, and over fertilizing can be just as costly as using too little fertilizer over the long term

ENVI Opticalscape generates Digital Surface Models (DSMs) and orthorectified images from spaceborne and UAV data while giving users the industry leading tools for imagery exploitation and data fusion

Geospatial Services Framework (GSF) is deployed in the enterprise and makes powerful analytics, and the information they provide, available across an organization. Better access to information results in better and more confident decision making. GSF is elastic and easily scales up or down to meet demands and is cloud and data agnostic. This means GSF easily installs within existing infrastructure and takes advantage of the data assets an organization has already invested in

ENVI OneButton speeds up the time between image capture and decision making by using the most advanced photogrammetric and computer vision algorithms. Use ENVI OneButton to create fully georeferenced 2D and 3D products from UAS data, and produce outputs including orthomosaics, Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), true color 3D point clouds, orthorectified multispectral mosaics, and controlled oblique imagery. These products can be used as inputs for ENVI to support projects across industries including precision agriculture, utilities, transportation and more