INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS turn your data into Actionable Information Confident Decisions. Whether you are a defense analyst who supplies actionable information to support a mission or a utilities professional who needs to efficiently maintain assets across a system, our data and software solutions give you the confidence to make better decisions

Fed/Civil Solutions
Data and Solutions for Floodplan Mapping, Disaster response, and Water Management & Distribution. Necessity to extract buildings footprints, model flood plains, or provide actionable intelligence to first responders, Harris Geospatial can provide a solution that meets your needs

Maritime Solutions

Unparalleled Maritime Domain Awareness and Global Vessel Tracking. Harris has partnered with exactEarth Ltd to offer a full range of Satellite Automatic Identification System (S-AIS) data services and products to provide the most timely and accurate information available to run any maritime operation safer and more efficiently than ever before

Precision Agriculture
Harris can help Ag businesses tailor crop management decisions by using modern precision agriculture techniques – scientifically proven approaches that analyze remotely sensed data such as satellite and UAV imagery

Utilities Solutions

Use our Geiger-mode LiDAR, advanced ENVI analytics, and machine learning technology to get a clear understanding of the condition and location of your infrastructure so you can safely, reliably, and efficiently manage your network

.Defense and Intelligence Solutions turn geospatial imagery and data into timely, accurate, and actionable intelligence
Defense and intelligence personnel rely on our industry-leading software tools to turn geospatial imagery and data into timely, accurate, and actionable intelligence. Our custom and off-the-shelf solutions can be found on most analysts' systems because they are easy to learn, integrate with popular platforms such as ArcGIS® from Esri, and are scientifically proven for high-confidence decision making